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Author John L. Locke

John L. Locke - Author - Duels and Duets, Eavesdropping

John Locke is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Lehman College (City University of New York), and Professor of Language Science in the CUNY doctoral program. Much of Dr. Locke’s research deals with some aspect of the biology of language, usually its development in infants and its evolution in the species. He has published three academic books, including The Child’s Path to Spoken Language, published by Harvard University Press in 1993. In recent years, Dr. Locke has turned his attention to important issues in human communication. His trade (popular) books, available on, include: The De-Voicing of Society (Simon & Schuster 1998): Human language evolved in the context of face-to-face communication, but many communications now occur without either a face or a voice. A problem is that the material filtered out by social technology is needed to interpret and evaluate the messages that are conveyed. Important consequences involve threats to sociality and trust. Eavesdropping: An Intimate History (Oxford University Press, 2010): A look at the evolution, interesting (and occasionally risqué) history, and psychological experience of eavesdropping, as well as its role in modern life, giving particular attention to the benefits of eavesdropping: intimate experience, personal power, and social control. Duels and Duets: How Men and Women Came to Talk So Differently (Cambridge University Press, to appear in the spring of 2011): A book that describes the strikingly different ways that men and women talk, then finds the causes of these differences in the separate evolutionary paths followed by the sexes. Public lectures In addition to his teaching, research, and writing, Dr. Locke also gives lectures to the general audiences on eavesdropping, gossip, “gendered” speech, social technology, and related issues in human communication (see “Lecture Agent” below).
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